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Front Ends

  • Ovalwerks Carbon Front End


    Ovalwerks Carbon Front End


    New for 2024 Ovalwerks Carbon Front End.  Left and Right carbon Lower arms, Tsunami caster blocks, Upper Arms, Steering Blocks, Ovalwerks Titanium Front Axles and Kingpins.    


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  • 2023 Octane Servo Mount Kit


    2023 Octane Servo Mount Kit


    Servo mounting Kit for the updated 2023 Octane chassis.   This kit fits any chassis that is drilled for the BLS 671 size servo.   The wide 1.41 kit fits the 9650 servos The Narrow 1.32 kit fits the BLS 671, KO RSx3-12, and similar size...


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  • Delrin Servo Horn (23 spline)
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    Sackett Racing

    Delrin Servo Horn (23 spline)


    One piece machined delrin servo horn with short and long tie rod holes. This servo horn is lighter than a standard servo horn and provides a better fit for more precision front end. This horn is splined for the Sanwa / KO servos. 

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