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Car Kits

  • 2023 Octane  Kit


    2023 Octane Kit


    2023 Octane kit complete with Tsunami front end. V2 center shock and side shocks included. Option of foam tire or rubber tire.


  • 2023 Octane Carbon Update Kit


    2023 Octane Carbon Update Kit

    $159.95 - $189.95

    2023 Octane Carbon Fiber Component Update Kit. This kit allows you to update your older octane to the Newest version of the Car.   Kit works for the Foam tire, and Rubber tire racer. Includes Brass inlay Weights.   Full Kits coming soon....


  • 2023 Octane Conversion


    2023 Octane Conversion


    All new for 2023 the Octane by Ovalwerks.  Ovalwerks and KCM crew took the best from the HBS series of cars and made a few tweaks, what we ended up with was the all new 2023 Octane Chassis.  This car has a little less flex and has already...